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Regents Park FC,
Our classes and locations

Please see the chart below for our current age group classes for our players.

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Term Timetables

Autumn term runs from Saturday 3rd September to Saturday 16th December

Spring term runs from Tuesday 3rd January to Wednesday 28th March

Summer term runs from Saturday 14th April to Saturday 22nd July

Every journey has to have the correct starting point. We believe Regent's Park Football Club is the perfect foundation for young footballers

Venue Age Group Class Time Day
REGENTS PARK, THE HUBU510:00 - 11:00Saturday
09:00 - 10:45Saturday
REGENTS PARK, THE HUBU7 Girls,U8 Girls,U9 Girls,U10 Girls,U11 Girls,U12 Girls
U13 Girls,U14 Girls,U15 Girls
11:00 - 12:30Saturday
REGENTS PARK, THE HUBU611:00 - 12:00Saturday
10:45 - 12:30Saturday
UCL ACADEMYU7,U8,U9,U10,U11,U1217:30 - 19:00Tuesday
ACLAND BURGHLEYU14,U1517:30 - 19:00Tuesday
UCL ACADEMYU1318:00 - 19:30Wednesday
UCL ACADEMYU1117:30 - 19:00Wednesday
ACLAND BURGHLEYU8,U9,U10,U11,U1217:30 - 19:00Wednesday

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Regents Park FC,
Open to all abilities

We believe that football for kids is good for the soul and teaching them for the long term. "Creating friends, moments and building confidence to all our club kids"

Handy Hint! (Please do this!)

For new players - All U7 to U12 players should come to the 10:30 Saturday class for starters. This is where we can put the new players into the correct groups. As Dads and Mums, we also totally understand how to do this well.

Founded in 2006- Its a long time of growing a club, so we have lots of experience to train our teams and help you.

If you have any questions, then call me, John, the founder on 07813 957187. I'm a Scotsman and I have a lot of experience from playing professional in the Scottish leagues to running a football club here in London.

If you have any feedback then let me know as my aim is to create amazing experiences for our young players to keep playing for as long as they can. Some of our first boys are now playing for our U17 squad in the Harrow league.

The aim is to give our London community a true feeling of being in our own village team. 

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