U12's Rebels fought hard

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U12's Rebels fought hard

U12's had another challenging game at Camden & Islington Youth Football League. Check out all the details with the match report from coach Jamie.


U12 rebels 1 United Dragons 5


A really undeserved result against the team that is 2nd in the league. Both teams had a bare 7 players which is hard on their fitness, however, our boys defended bravely, showing great desire to protect our goal. 


We conceded the first from slow passing in our start zone at the end of the half (ref blew for half time right at kick-off). We were upbeat and continued to connect our passes well in the first 2 thirds to feet however as the match wore on we became more direct as the boys struggled to find the space to receive due to tired legs. 


2nd and 3rd goals came from long balls from their keeper over the top with 10 minutes left, before Joshua scrambled home our goal from a corner kick. Within the last 5 minutes, we conceded 2 more from over committing and being slightly selfish. 


We are developing into a good build-up and retention team so our next step is to build a variety of penetration into the final third to create shots at goal. Defensively we must maintain our newfound desire to protect our goal and begin to think about the team more rather than individual accolades (such as everyone wanting to score and losing our balance/shape) 


Pleased to hear both other coaches praise our boys and state we were 1 of the hardest teams they had played against so far this season.

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