U10's Girls shining through

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U10's Girls shining through

Coach Jonas is working is magic around our U10's Girls and we couldn't be more happy and proud of that. We want to provide the right platform where young girls feel safe and happy learning the game that they love. 


Here's quick feedback from the coach Jonas after another Saturday with games on! 


1.- What I perceive from the "bench" is that girls start feeling more comfortable and confident under match conditions. Now they understand the times (first half, second half, half time...),  they are familiar with the referees, they feel well when playing against girls they don't actually know... So, these little things might not be relevant for us, but they need to get used little by little.


2.- They really develop their best efforts when in need of doing a tackle, or having a fight for a ball, or whatever any other situation may come up during the match.


3.- They are developing a great sense of responsibility. They play, they attack, but they never forget about the defensive responsibilities.


4.- They are applying very well many of the skills we practice at the training pitch or at home


You can find more videos from our U10 Girls in our instagram and facebook


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