U9's Spartans showing their smiles

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U9's Spartans showing their smiles

Watching the younger age groups always bring joy and happiness to the club because this is where everything starts, the beginning of a competitive journey. Just take a look at their smiles and bright eyes! Take a look at the match report from Coach Joe. 


U9 Spartans 8-2 The rockets


Three of our regular players were not available to play today so we had to seek a bit of help from the U8 goalkeeper Sam and midfielder Hayden who stepped up and both played brilliantly. 


The game had a very high intensity throughout, after going 0-1 down we pulled it back to 2-1 before the referee giving a questionable penalty to allow the rockets to make it 2-2. We went onto score 6 more. 


Our understanding of our positions on the pitch is improving every time we play, we are becoming more and more confident when running with the ball and knowing when to release it. 


On a different day, I’m sure we would’ve scored more goals because the chances were the there, overall a real 10/10 effort and a great result for the boys.

Well done!


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