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U13's Wizards

U13's Wizards went into action again this last Saturday at Regents Park Youth Football League. Catch up with what happened in the game reading the match report from Coach Mauricio. 

U13's Wizards 0-6 TGFC

Keeping possession story begins with our first pass. The pitch was in good condition to try to move the ball forward through combination play, the players understood the tactical concepts the team wanted to deploy, but, our passing patterns took us to areas and situations that provided advantages to opponents, ending our keeping possession story. 

Opponents realise that they can put us under pressure in our area (Control Zone) and is under this situation that we are giving away possession of the ball. Therefore, during training, we must rehearsal the phases of play aiming to eliminate the aspects affecting our performance. 

To start performing well and ultimately competing to win, we must focus on developing players' technical and physical abilities along with the following elements:

Understand Regent's playing system

Clear roles and responsibilities under the system

Emphasis on the principles of attacking


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