U13's in an intense game!

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U13's in an intense game!

After four weeks in lockdown, our U13's Rebels went back to Camden & Islington Youth Football League in an intense game against The Hill. We will leave you with the match report from Coach Marla. 


Last Tuesday the boys when to the pitch with some players away, but still, the competitive spirit was in them. After the first five minutes in the game and we were already two goals down, scored exactly the same way.


After those two goals, the team didn't let their responsibilities fade way and tried to score a goal and find their space in the game again. During the first half, we were never able to keep possession of the ball and play it in the regent's way. The boys struggled without key players but on the other hand, we had another player stepping up for the occasion and we went for half time losing 3-4 with Cohen's hat-trick. 


The boys had a competitive spirit, and maybe that spirit got in the way of their emotions. They got too nervous and anxious in the second half and were never able to reach that goal that did deserve. And because there's no fairness in football, The Hill took advantage of our continuous attack to score 3-5. With four minutes in the game, the boys kept the offensive plays but they were never objective and precise inside the box.


In the end, the Hill deserve the three points and all we need to do is go back to our training sessions and reflect on what needs to be changed. 


We will be back on the 5th of January, hopefully with a better understanding of our roles and responsibilities in the way we play. 


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