U12'S displaying good football

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U12'S displaying good football

The U12's Rebels had a big job in front of them this last Tuesday at Market Road, but they took the challenge with a fighting spirit and disciplined game plan. 


U12's Rebels 0-2 Tufnell Park

The Rebels started the game with a concrete game plan and they followed it by the book. First half very tight and balanced with both teams displaying good football, playing from the back, and creating some shots on goals but with the goalkeepers presenting themselves at an outstanding level. So it was no surprise that by the end of the first half 0-0 was the score. 

Second half we tried to keep the same level. Pressing up, trying to win the ball back close to the box so we could have a good shot on goal, but with only seven players on the teams took a toll on the team with the fitness levels dropping and some tiredness in some players decisions.

Tufnell Park goal happened precisely because of that.  A simple mistake from one of the defenders was properly used by Tufnell Park scoring in the middle of the second half. After the goal, our Rebels got a bit nervous and insecure but they quickly react to it creating a couple of good moments in the game, but struggling when getting inside the box. 

Last five minutes of the second half, we took more risks, did a couple of changes in the positions, risking a bit more, but once again, Tufnell Park used that moment to score the second goal. It's no surprise why Tufnell Park is the leader of the this league. 

Its was a fantastic game for both teams.

Well done! 

Next up for the boys

Tuesday 3 November 2020, 18h00

U12's Rebels vs Westway 12 

Market Road


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