We believe that a well-run club needs to participate in the best tournaments so every year we participate in the Gothia Cup, which is the best youth tournament in Europe.

Not everyone can participate in it but a good club needs aspirations and for those who go it will remain in their memories for the rest of their lives.

The Gothia Cup is the world’s largest And best youth football tournament. Each year, around 1600 teams from 80 nations take part and they play 4500 games on 110 fields.

It’s the teams, and participants from around the world that make the t ournament unique. A meeting place for the world’s youth, irrespective of r eligion, skin color or nationality, with football as the common denominator.


John McCulloch, the founder visited Tuhuichi FC in Santa Cruz nearly 12 years ago as part of his own journey to discover the best youth football coaching systems.

Tahuichi had won the Gothia Cup 10 years in a row. On two study visits by John, he was shown these stunning Gothia Cups amongst a horde of Cup trophies from around the World. 

John travelled to Tahuichi over two years and fell in love with the club and the romance of the Gothia.

Regent's Park have now been competing in the Gothia for the last nine years and 2021 will be our tenth year.

The video above shows a clip of the 2019 Gothia and we have pictures below of this trip. It is a memory for life and we are very lucky to get the chance to do the Gothia.

It really is a great life experience for the girls and boys, both on and off the field. They create a great bond with all their club mates, not to mention the excitement and enthusiasm they show by competing in a World Cup.

If you would like your child to be part of this unique experience then please get involved by booking a trial.